© Keetra Dean Dixon & JK Keller

Excerpts from R & D exercises

The driving frustration/pleasure of contending with our conditions fuels much of our collaborative work. Here you will find documentation of quick tool and material explorations constructed with no preassigned outcomes. By testing our means of making, we test our own capacity as makers, revealing the unexpected along the way.

Tool “Breaking”: Technologies, both old and new, common and unfamiliar, shape our comprehension and experience. They impact our concepts, forms and paths for the future. Just as our tools push us, so must we push our tools. These formal explorations use tools in ways they weren’t intended to be used, alter existing tools to produce unusual results or exploit weaknesses in common creative applications.

Material “Misuse”: Urging unexpected response via improper material application is simple curiosity in action; it’s learning, and we love to learn. We begin many studies by posing a simple question: “What happens if…?” and gain knowledge from the results. These explorations use common materials in atypical ways.